What I’m Blanking #7

Starting a new job is stressful. So I took a week off of this while I started my new thing. It’s not necessarily a huge job (it’s part-time), but it’s nice to be working again.


What I’m Playing: Civilization 5


The Steam Summer sale is over. It’s always a bittersweet feeling, like the days after Christmas. I ended up with a pretty good haul, all things considered, but what I’ve been playing lately is Civilization 5. I bought this mostly on a whim;  I’m not much of a strategy game player. However, I’m completely addicted to Civ 5. I think the thing I like is just the freedom of building up my empire; you can try to be friendly, bloodthirsty, or whatever you want to build yourself up.

The first couple of games I played ruthlessly; I built up huge armies and destroyed all my neighboring civilizations. However, this most recent game I decided to try to get a more cultured, science-minded civilization, and win through that. I made friends with neighboring civilizations, and was excited to start a more peaceful game. Then Napoleon stabbed me in the back, and tried to take over some of my cities. It’s something I should have expected, but nonetheless interesting.

Like I said, I bought this on a whim. However, it might open up my interests to more games. Not that I need to buy more games, but it’s a good thing to broaden my horizons.

What I’m Watching: Pacific Rim

I loved this movie. Before I saw it, my friend was a bit hesitant about recommending it to me, I assume because it’s not necessarily the most cerebral of movies. However, I tend to like movies that are good at what they’re trying to accomplish and set out to do. I went into Pacific Rim wanting robots fighting monsters. And that’s what I got. That’s not to say it was a perfect movie; there are definitely parts that could have been improved. My sister pointed out that it didn’t pass the Bechdel Test, though Mako Mori, being badass, female and a woman of color, ends up bringing the movie up on that front. There could have been more characterization for the characters, as well. Some of the science didn’t cut it. But really, the one thing you should be going into this movie for is a big robot fighting a big monster. And we got that, spectacularly.

The lack of focus on characterization unfortunately is one of the things that would prevent this from being a really great, memorable film. If there had been a little more focus on characters and story, it would probably be a lot more memorable. As it stands, I’m not quite sure where this will stand in the test of time, and if it will be a staple like, say, The Matrix is, when I want to watch an action movie. However, it was a really good time in the movie theater, and I’m definitely really glad I saw it.


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