Review: Stick it to the Man

Stick It To The Man_PC (6)

Going through my Steam games that I hadn’t played, seeing a game that had been previously recommended by the Extra Credits folks was intriguing. After looking and seeing that this game has clear Double Fine / Psychonauts influence, I was even more intrigued.

Stick it to the Man is a puzzle platformer with strong adventure game roots. You play as Ray, an average Joe who wakes up after an accident to find himself with powers – he has a giant arm coming out of his head that allows him to read minds and grab objects. This leads to a lot of great narrative and gameplay value – for example, if you are stuck on a puzzle, you might want to read someone’s mind and grab something from that to solve your problem in the real world. It’s a fairly simple mechanic that’s used well to solve puzzles and aid in your platforming.

The art and narrative are where Stick it to the Man shines. This game is genuinely unique visually and has a lot of humor, something more games should take a lesson from. Both of these are remarkably well done and serve to make this a very memorable game.

Since the game is very narrative driven, those looking for replayability won’t find much in Stick it to the Man. It’s a relatively short game, depending on your puzzle prowess and dexterity in some of the platforming sections, and unless you want to experience the game again or get some missed achievements, you probably won’t need to go back into this world.

That said, Stick it to the Man is an entertaining, fun game with a lot of charm, creating a very memorable and worthwhile experience.


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